Friday, March 22, 2013

Kept Boy

I think a color photograph is one of the hardest things a man can submit to.
I think those two hearts were never so delicately rendered.
Considering the tumult in the streets, we'll be lucky if the flowers arrive by morning.
Sensation modified by higher harmony is always a grand idea, but no one has yet figured out the right proportions.
Stop me if I'm doing it too hard.
It's unclear how to measure non-revolutionary time, in pauses, divaginations, or in retrospect.
My mother would have found this scene entirely charming.
Whatever successes painting and the plastic arts have had, there's nothing like a hot bath and shaving cream to bring your thinking round to better days.
Can I offer you another?
Never will such an evening of dance and cataclysm be so fondly recalled as tonight.
Like chess itself, the task of polishing the pawns is mysteriously boundless.
Several of our sharpest commentators have run aground on their own figuration, likening our champagne to the sound of gunshots.
This silk is dazzling.
Whatever you say, coach.

-Christopher Nealon, in The Joyous Age