Monday, May 16, 2011

Shots of Vodka

Sausage: rumored to mitigate the effects of vodka

First comes sausage, next comes vodka.
Like a layer of packed dirt abused by a coffin,
the sausage waits in the stomach for vodka.

Another shot! A lingering sting
from medicinal history.
Solved: the mystery of your education!

Funny how you never saw vodka
knock you flat.
But then you get up.
You get up and you walk.

You walk until you meet a pig.
And you know what you're like when you meet a pig.
You apologize to the pig for his future

drilled by vodka. The pig speaks softly.
He says he's heard he's not headed for sausage.
Instead, he will be roasted

with an apple in his mouth.
Why, he asks? Why do they put
an apple in my mouth

as if after I'm dead I'm still eating?
If it's realism they want
they should feed me garbage.

There is nothing you can say to the talking pig.
It's not realism you want.

-Lee Upton