Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I've begun to study
how a woman can try
drawing attention
to her face
a slightly rosier shade
on her cheeks
real diamond earrings
a red silk scarf
draping the neck
covers the telltale
skin at the throat

there's the shattering
uncertain time
when a woman becomes unseen
when she can walk down a street
or enter a crowded bar
and not feel the heat of any man's stare
that radar which so often
unnerved her
probing and intruding
the inescapable
of his eye

it's the unannounced hour
when she first recalls
that dogs no longer sniff her
do not rush her
on instinct
lured by the unmistakable
odor of blood

such a woman may learn
she's been far too frivolous
even lately admits
how she misses
the embarrassment
of an occasional whistle
an undisguised leer
wishes she'd thanked every man
who took his sweet time
just to keep looking her way

-Amy Uyematsu