Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eleventh Oration (City of the Sun)

Ladies and gentlemen, the youths of this country are bored. You'd think just being alive and youths would excite them, but not at all. The morning sky was clear, I was at campus, and everyone was despondent.

Are there any youths in this room? Then consider, if you will, the tide of Being behind you, those negative masses standing in your cement areas, your grassy areas, and your areas neither grassy nor cement.

Are you terrified, youths? Do you think you're more than killable? Isn't it irrefutable that every personal world, with its health, is destroyed four times over, all savings depleted, before there is meanwhile anything else to learn or see?

But how lovely the wind off the sea today. How tempting to lecture you on signs and calculations.

-Brent Cunningham