Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our Exquisite Corpse, 10.2.09

The moon light shines as the
painted faces dance, laugh and celebrate
The ghoulish masquerade has begun,
Streets aflame with people, inebriates;
Lost souls and stolen ideas,
a mirage of once sought after dreams.
The shadow of my promising fate
Fades from view while tears fall from my open seams
Ripped of emotion, frightened to return
The smell of pickle juice and cobwebs
left the momentary message of injustice in my head
only to decide- id do away w/ these crimes.
Shame of one, I sat by the fire, purple, blue,
red, and orange; to this day I still feel its warmth
the fire blazed as I watched my everything turn to ash
as ambers flushed into the atmosphere
white ambers displaying the loss of life
and death lingering piercing our skin
asking, begging to time travel to the begin-ing
if only we could start over, oh to start again!
Yet I realize that past is gone and over
the only way to start anew is to begin
or not
maybe nothing is the answer
And yet I continue to search for it
And yet I continue to dream through these PTSD nights