Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monad, a Deluxe Pastoral, Deepens and Unwinds


When monad's volatile, I'm a firefly,
and you're a lake in white organza.
As monad renders, you pixilate,
and I'm a blood stain on a field of ice,
monitor me. Nights, monad's a lobe
of tiny fires we arrange to sleep inside:
the forest is programmed to self-sow. The rain
has left its feelings in our glade.
We lay the wealth
on the ground at night. It deepened.
When your body left my body, a chime.


When your body left my body, a chime.
The sun, vibrating imperceptibly,
causes monad to invest in chains
of waterfalls, green vitreous strands
I resonate inside. Investigate me.
I've been awarded a franchise.
When monad reaches point-of-sale,
you deepen briefly to a field of red
organza I enter as data encoded
in umbels and timbrels of wood thrush song.


In umbels and thimbrels of wood thrush song,
monad deepens. When sun activates
a song disorder to fructify the trees,
monad is the flowering system.
In green pools it deepens, terminal.
Terminal, it likes to destroy itself.
It suicides and flowers. It manifests
a fountain of blood in a hummingbird,
a body without Arcturus and krill.
Pieces of you missing, I darken.


Pieces of you missing, I darken.
In inflorescence, in anemones,
I grow a mind: "my shadow in the sun"
is generating moneymen. Monad
suicides, they flower. Monad flowers,
they fructify. Inside a forest
of waterfalls and sugar trees that sound
like waterfalls, monad heals itself
by listening. If you touch hummingbirds,
moneymen appreciate. You touch them.


Moneymen appreciate. You touch them.
Touch, and get a body without Arcturus
and krill. Feel, and unwind a sea aflower,
endlessly alight, and monad appreciates.
In a mind of water, a sunfish bites
my nipple. To organize itself.
In its scales, monad burns. An orange
thought, optical and burning, sunfish
shimmers reflexively in monad, then
as laughing, it rises to meet you.

-Cort Day