Saturday, August 15, 2009

To Mr. Elkin

Daily as the lazy lily
the silly daisy let’s be
while we drink the wine
stronger than the dock
on which we recline
swimming alone mid-week
not enough paid work
to have a car to get here
or there with, enough
wherewithal to be
the subjects of your generosity
we return to you our views
tenants of this particular nature
as news in poems and lines
novels similar to building
a cabin or even buying something
our occupation being seeing
when no one else is around
each productive cloud clearly
then naming them & at night
when the kids have gone to sleep
studying like everyone love’s arcs
death’s vines & the wines with a supper
of something like free clouds found
to give strength and pleasure
to us and everyone else around.

-Bernadette Mayer