Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Picture That Includes By Means Of Its Structure The Excluded Space

I’ve held this
smallest forest

sticky with sap
haptic branches swaying

in nonce wind—
a syntax

outside the frame
of the visible—

and longed to be struck
as I should
to say I’ve loved

It’s no small thing

Let each eye
be believed

the way cicadas leave
clinging skins

split to drone
umbra’s grass

Let matter rest
in belief

it has lent itself
to all our purposes

liminal and image
the way veronica is

a flower
a girl watching
a matador

wave his cape
over charging eyes—

each only once
given one

of matter’s many
possible nouns

Let each pass by

or surprise

In that still space
we won’t stop

finding and losing
what we love

all day
we’ll keep on

because it once existed

it still exists

very arbor very body
very smoke

-Brian Teare